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Jacksons Accountants

Our story

Jacksons Accountants Limited was built from the idea that Accountants should work for their clients by working like their clients. Being adaptable, flexible and dynamic are all key when running your own business, so it helps that your Accountant works in the same way, right? We’re constantly evolving and have become a leading accountancy firm thanks to our core values; low fixed prices, personal service, being technologically-driven and our expertise.

Our Accountants don’t just want to be the number crunchers sat in a dark office, occasionally calling you to complain and charging you when you send us an email. We want to help you make decisions that enhance your business and advise you beyond just the tax benefits and the bottom line but also for the future prosperity of you and your business.

As a leading, ambitious, independent firm of Chartered Accountants, Jacksons Accountants provide a full, end-to-end service for all your accountancy and business administration needs.

We have offices in Mansfield and Sheffield to serve our local and national communities. From bookkeeping, annual limited company accounts, VAT and corporation tax returns to PAYE, pensions, CIS and even HR; Jacksons Accountants are your one-stop-shop built with you, the customer, in mind.

If you need individual tax returns, we can compile, file and submit your annual self-assessments, whether you are a sole-trader, landlord or anything else.

Furthermore, our expert Chartered Accountants provide many additional support services such as management accounts, to allow you to project your ideas into the future and our business advisors can also provide assistance with loan and other funding applications.

Whatever you need, whatever your size; how can Jacksons Accountants help you?

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Low fixed prices

Most new companies and start ups avoid getting an Accountant, but not because they don’t need one, but because they are put off by extortionate pricing that is seemingly picked out from thin air and not based around the profile of their business. Sometimes, you have to spend hours providing personal information just to get an idea of their price.

You’ll have more straightforward and transparent pricing so you only pay for what you need. We know how important it is to budget for your expenses, so that’s why Jacksons Accountants only offer fixed prices for monthly or annual services.


Personal accounting service

If other companies ran their business like your average accountancy firm, most wouldn’t be in business at all. You may have been with your Accountant for a long time, not really given them much thought other than once a year when the tax man comes-a-knocking, but more and more clients are being taken for granted, their prices go up even though the workload stays the same and they are less available to take your calls.

At Jacksons Accountants, we value each client we have, whether a small-time freelancer or a big-time corporation. You will be given a dedicated Accountant who will always have time for you and are always on call to answer any questions you may have, however trivial. You can contact us through email, telephone or even Whatsapp.

Technologically driven

Companies rely more and more on electronic data and cloud systems to do their job well. Whether it’s sending an email on your phone, using the latest design suite to create that artwork for your big customer or sharing files and folders with people on the other side of the world, a lot of work can be done now, without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

So why wouldn’t dealing with your Accountant be just as easy? Jacksons Accountants are partnered with the leading cloud accounting software providers. Rather than collecting dusty receipts in a carrier bag under the stairs, you can simply upload an image to the software right there and then and we’ll do the rest. Sign your accounts online and save, store and access files from our secure shared drives. Our aim is to make the chore of having an Accountant as stress-free as possible and we use technology to facilitate this.

Accounting and tax expertise and more

As practising members of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), you can be assured that your Accountants are equipped with the expertise to assist you in growing your company.

Our qualified staff have gone through extensive training and development to ensure that you receive the high standards that you deserve. However, we don’t just rely on our qualifications; our tax and accounting experts experienced in working with many different varieties of company, from SME’s to public sector bodies to multinationals.

Our knowledge and expertise extends beyond just accounting too, we can help with HR, health and safety, contractual law, supply chain management, company appraisals and much more.

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