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VAT returns made easy

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Why choose Jacksons Accountants?

At Jacksons Accountants, we understand that VAT returns can be a complex and time-consuming process for businesses. That’s why we offer expert VAT return services to help you stay compliant and manage your tax obligations efficiently. Our Accountants will work closely with you to ensure your VAT returns are accurate and submitted on time. We use the latest technology to streamline the process and provide transparent reporting, giving you peace of mind and freeing up valuable time to focus on growing your business. With Jacksons Accountants, you can trust that your VAT returns are in safe and capable hands.

  • VAT returns can be a complicated and involved process and there are many pitfalls. Our tax experts will make sure that you are compliant and everything is accounted for.
  • We can do monthly, quarterly or annual VAT returns for you.
  • Our tax advisors will be by your side to answer any questions you have and ensure that your company meets its VAT returns deadlines.
  • At Jacksons Accountants, we will register your company with HMRC for VAT if you aren’t already set up.
  • You will be advised on whether it is best for you to use the standard VAT scheme or the flat rate scheme.
  • We also advise existing customers when they have reached the VAT threshold and need to register.


Check out some of our frequently asked questions

If your company earns more than the VAT threshold of £85,000 over any 12 month period, you MUST register for VAT. If you aren’t at this earnings level yet, then it is optional to register.

There are many benefits to registering, such as being able to claim the VAT back on purchases.

However, even if you don’t reach that level, you can choose to register voluntarily. Registering can let you get back the VAT you’ve paid on business expenses. But, keep in mind that it also means more tasks like reporting and following VAT rules. Think about your business’s finances and where it’s headed to decide if VAT registration is right for you. It’s a good idea to talk to experts who can help you understand how it all fits your business.

If you want an evaluation as to whether it makes sense for you, get in touch for a consultation.

You could be self employed, a freelancer, a limited company or a partnership, whatever your trading status, you can register for VAT.

This registration requirement applies to each business structure based on their earnings. Businesses with multiple activities, whether under different names or structures, combine their turnover when assessing the threshold. Additionally, micro businesses with turnover below the threshold can choose to voluntarily register to access potential benefits. Staying updated with HMRC’s guidelines is essential, and seeking advice from financial experts can help determine VAT registration suitability for your specific business type.

By leaving the VAT returns to us, this gives you and your staff more time to focus on making your business thrive whilst our experts deal with the numbers side of things.

We provide an end-to-end service, for a fixed, low monthly fee, including bookkeeping, self-assessments, corporation tax submissions, Companies House submissions, HMRC registration, PAYE, VAT, CIS etc.

We can help you with funding applications and provide evidence to lenders if you require a mortgage or any personal finance.

If you need a mortgage or other personal finance, our financial advisors can assist you with funding applications and provide evidence to lenders.

On top of bookkeeping, we can help to simplify your internal processes, build tailored Excel files to streamline your reporting needs, assist you in accessing finance for your company and much more.

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