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A lot of companies are sat on a goldmine of data that is simply not being utilised to the best of its ability.

Insights such as profitability by customer or retention/conversion rates are vital bits of information that can get overlooked purely because of the time needed to build a report.

The majority of businesses rely on Microsoft Excel, sometimes too much. So by utilising our expertise, we can provide not only the information you need, but the ability to recreate these reports time and time again yourself.

We know that your business is where it is now because of the hard work that has come before.

If what you do works, we will build upon that success.

If you feel there is room to improve, we will offer our insights and re-engineer some processes.

Our optimisations go beyond the spreadsheets and we take a panoramic view of your business to help make improvements.

We will spend time on getting to know your business, how it operates and what information you need to extract from excel. If we already do your bookkeeping, we will have some insight already. With this brief, we will build you a re-usable Excel template to base your current and future reporting from.

We can automate processes and reduce the steps taken to go from data to information, saving your company time and effort.

We hope that, like us, you got into business to do something you enjoy. Or you might have wanted a better work-life balance. Either way, with our Excel optimisations, we will be able to save you several hours a week in head-scratching, frustrating administration that you can now spend however you want.

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Grow a faster, more dynamic business by optimising your Excel needs, whether you’re a freelancer, a self employed, a limited company or a landlord.

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Unique solutions

Excel solutions

Unique problems require unique solutions.

We’re not selling you software, we’re enhancing what you already have.

As you have a one-of-a-kind business, we will give your company the time and attention it deserves to get to know what it does and what its needs are, before we even start to build your Excel spreadsheet.

On going support

Accounting Support

Our service to you doesn’t stop, ever.

We will train you on how to use our solutions to help you get to grips with the intricacies of Microsoft Excel.

We can provide updates and further enhancements where needed, supporting you every step of the way.

Time well spent

Accountants for Excel

Time is an invaluable resource, especially to a business owner.

That’s why our overarching aim is to save you and your company time. This means you can spend it more wisely, so you can chase those outstanding invoices, get the work done for a client or focus on the growth strategy of the company.

Frequently asked questions

We have a wide-ranging understanding of Excel.

It can seem that Excel has an almost infinite number of functions and our job is to unlock this potential for your business.

You may already use Excel to build reports and download information, but are you finding the whole process time consuming and repetitive?

There is more than one way to peel an orange and with Excel, there are usually 100s of ways, if not 1,000s.

Our expertise might just save you or your employees hours of work each week.

We’re not interested in upselling and providing you with a brand new piece of expensive software.

Most businesses have a co-dependant relationship with Excel and that is just a fact of business life.

We will build upon your existing systems and procedures.

We can offer insights into how efficiency improvements to enhance how you use your current set-up.

We are an accounting firm first and foremost.

We provide an end-to-end service, for a fixed, low monthly fee, including bookkeeping, self-assessments, corporation tax submissions, Companies House submissions, HMRC registration, PAYE, VAT, CIS etc.

We can help you with funding applications and provide evidence to lenders if you require a mortgage or any personal finance.

On top of optimising excel we can help to simplify your internal processes, build tailored Excel files to streamline your reporting needs, assist you in accessing finance for your company and much more.

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