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Year end accounts and corporation tax services

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At Jacksons Accountants, we have a team of experienced accountants who can efficiently handle your year-end accounts and corporation tax filing.
We ensure that your accounts are compliant with the latest regulations and filed accurately and on time. Our services are tailored to your business needs, and our competitive pricing ensures that you receive the best value for your investment.
Choose Jacksons Accountants for a hassle-free year-end accounts and corporation tax filing experience.

Year end accounts

  • Dedicated Accountant
  • Tax advice
  • HMRC registration
  • Email and telephone support
  • Corporation tax returns included
  • Self assessment for Director
  • Software support
  • Dividend/salary structure advice
  • Mileage claims

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Filings for corporation tax and annual accounts need to be submitted and paid for within 9 months of your company year-end.

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Complementary services

Meeting your tax obligations

Annual year end accounts and corporation tax returns are legal requirements for any limited company.

Your annual accounts are publicly available records and your tax returns determine how much tax you owe to HMRC.

You may incur fines if these are submitted late or incorrectly. That’s why it is usually a good idea to get your accounts filed with an accountant.

See our article on corporation tax changes from April 2023.

Bookkeeping available

If you sign up to our bookkeeping service, you’ll get your corporation tax and annual accounts included in the price you pay.

As our tax experts will be doing your books throughout the year, we’ll be better prepared to check, create and submit your documents far quicker than if you were to use separate companies for these services. That’s why we’ve combined our bookkeeping, corporation tax and annual year end accounts.

Additional Services

We have a range of other services to help support your business.

From payroll to management accounts, we offer a one-stop shop for all the business administration your business does.

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Value your time

We hope that, like us, you got into business to do something you enjoy. Or you might have wanted a better work-life balance.

Either way, with our bookkeeping service, we will be able to save you several hours a week in head-scratching, frustrating administration that you can now spend however you want.


Check out some of our frequently asked year end accounts questions

Usually, you will have 9 months after your company’s year-end to file your annual accounts and corporation tax returns.

At Jacksons Accountants, we combine our accounting and bookkeeping services to better serve our clients.

A bookkeeper documents and keeps track of all your incoming expenses and outgoing sales. We think it is better for you if your accountant does your bookkeeping as well, to ensure that nothing is missed and that our advisors have a complete understanding of your business.

Limited companies are required to file annual year end accounts and corporation tax returns. This typically consists of your profit and loss accounts and your balance sheet.

For small and micro businesses, only your balance sheet is made publicly available on Companies House. It is important to make sure that this information is accurate and follows accounting standards, which is why we suggest employing the services of an Accountant.

We offer a comprehensive solution that covers bookkeeping, self-assessments, corporation tax filings, Companies House filings, HMRC registration, PAYE, VAT, CIS, and other services for a set, low monthly charge.

Our financial experts can help you with funding applications and supply documentation to lenders if you require a mortgage or other personal financing.

In addition to annual year end accounts returns, we can help you improve internal procedures, create customised Excel files to ease your reporting requirements, help you get access to financing for your business, and much more.

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