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Payroll Services: Simplifying Your Business Payroll Needs

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Pay you and your staff the right way with our low monthly fees

Outsourcing to us

Why choose our payroll services?

We pride ourselves on giving you personal, well-rounded payroll services that works around you on a monthly subscription.

A key benefit of outsourcing your payroll to us is that our tax experts can spot any tax advantages before, during and after any transactions that you make.

Our tax experts can provide insight into tax consequences and ensure that you are making informed decisions.

One of the most overlooked, yet vitally important aspects of payroll, is the administration of a company pension scheme. See our article on the importance of a company pension scheme.

We work within the legal frameworks and ensure that you are helping your staff save for the future.

Payroll service

Reduce risk of penalities

Zero delay

We keep on top of many different companies’ payroll requirements and so you can trust us to not miss a beat.

We’re payroll experts

Safe hands

We strive to exceed expectations and as we get to know more about your business, we will be well placed to advise you, giving you and your business the best chance to succeed.

Peace of mind


Don’t worry about holiday entitlement, employment contracts, pension contributions and all that jazz, we can help you every step of the way

No need to invest in costly training or software

Low cost

You can rely on us to use our tried and tested software that can be tailored to you. We also keep up to date with the latest developments that ensure you can react quickly to change.

How our payroll services works

We send you a reminder to send us your employee wage information. If you have salaried employees that are paid the same each month, then this won’t be required.

We also check who is opted in or our of your occupational pension scheme and make deductions accordingly.


We will process and send out payslips, either direct to your employees or to the person responsible for distributing payslips.

Our financial advisors can also deal with any questions that employees have about their pay and tax deductions.

We submit your payroll RTI file to HMRC, which details the PAYE information. We send annual P60’s to employees and P45’s when an employee leaves your company.

We also check who is opted in or our of your occupational pension scheme and make deductions accordingly.


How much will your payroll service cost?

We have fixed monthly fees, with no hidden costs.

Our services

What our payroll services include

Pension auto-enrolment

Auto-enrolment and ongoing pension administration is included in our monthly fee. We set up your pension scheme and manage your contributions on your behalf.

RTI filings

Real Time Information (RTI) filings are required for HMRC to process your payroll submissions. We send this to them before your payroll deadline.

Sending documents

As well as your employees payslips, we keep on top of the requirement to send P60’s, P45’s and file your P11D’s.


Our payslips are sent electronically to either your employee or your responsible member of staff.

We can customise your payslips to include remaining holiday entitlement, hours worked and much more.


Your tax advisor will calculate the amount of tax and national insurance contributions you and your employees are due to pay and send you a reminder to ensure that you pay this on time.

HMRC registration

When you join our payroll services can sign up and register your company to with HMRC so that you have a PAYE reference number and set you up on our software at no additional cost.


When outsourcing your payroll, It can be frustrating trying to find someone to talk to.

At Jacksons Accountants, we promise to be there to answer your questions, whether big or small.

Save time

With our payroll service, we will be able to save you many hours a month in head-scratching, frustrating administration that you can now spend however you want.

friends-groupMember of the team

Our tax experts work in the background ensuring you’re compliant and meeting your obligations as an employer.

We supply you with the tools and knowledge to employ a successful team.

Why can’t I do payroll services myself?

While it can be tempting to try managing payroll alone, given our affordable costs, why would you?

You might even be thinking about taking charge of the procedure yourself but that can lead to learning a whole new set of skills and understanding of legislation and can set you up to incurring fines. You can also miss out on key regulation changes.

It’s costly

Outsourcing payroll to Jacksons Accountants is quick, easy and cost-effective.

When comparing the price we charge to the time you spend on doing it yourself, we’re confident you’ll be making a saving thanks to our skills and expertise.

Also, if you do it yourself, you may miss key information and make costly errors. We ensure that we cover all bases for you, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.


Laborious & Technical

When it comes to paying employees and yourself, there may be questions that you can’t easily answer yourself. This may lead to a dissatisfied workforce and having a lot of calls to HMRC.

At Jacksons Accountants, we’re on hand to answer all questions relating to payslips, pensions, taxes and anything else that may come up.



Payroll is constantly changing with new and updated legislation.

You need to dedicate a lot of time to ensuring accuracy and answer to a lot of different organisations and individuals.

Hefty fines are issued for late filings, missing pension obligations and much more.

Why risk it to save so little?

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Frequently asked questions

If you or your company have employees, you will need payroll services.

If you are a company director, it is often advisable to use payroll to take full advantage of your personal tax allowance.

Payroll providers calculate the tax deductions a company needs to make for its employees under pay as you earn (PAYE) which is paid for HMRC.

At Jacksons Accountants, we provide everything you need from payslips to P45’s to everything in between.

If you have employees, your company can register for PAYE and therefore payroll. You could be self employed, a freelancer, a limited company or a partnership. To pay only yourself and other owners, you only need payroll for a limited company.

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and see how we can make life easier for you and your staff.

For a set, affordable monthly charge, we offer a comprehensive solution that includes bookkeeping, self-assessments, corporation tax filings, Companies House filings, HMRC registration, PAYE, VAT, CIS, and more.

If you need a mortgage or any other type of personal financing, our business advisors can assist you with your funding applications and present proof to lenders.

On top of payroll services, we can help to simplify your internal processes, build tailored Excel files to streamline your reporting needs, assist you in accessing finance for your company and much more.

You will need a company (e.g. sole trader, limited company, etc), a PAYE reference number, and an accounts office reference number. The last two are obtained by applying to HMRC. We can apply for this on your behalf and can run the payroll from our software.

You will also need to register with a pension scheme, which again we can do on your behalf.

As well as the above, we will also require details of your employees. Also, we will usually need the wage information 5 working days in advance, so that we can process payslips in good time.

If you or your employees receive a fixed monthly salary then we can apply this without any further information.