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Accountant for self employed.
Here is how we support self employed with our fixed, competitive pricing.

  • Dedicated Accountant for self employed
  • Free quality software
  • Free company setup
  • Free setup with HMRC
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Bookkeeping, VAT, Payroll, CIS etc.
  • Self assessment
  • Free consultation

We offer a whole range of accounting services

  • Business setup
  • Consulting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Tax returns
  • VAT
  • Company accounts
  • Corporation tax
  • Cloud accounting
  • Excel optimisation
  • Process improvement
  • And much more…

Who is self employed?

Anyone who runs a business and works for themselves is considered self-employed. If you have started a business and are trading, then congratulations, you are now self employed. You can still have a job and be self-employed.

You are required by law to declare your earnings to HMRC each year in what is known as a self-assessment. Additionally, you have to pay income tax and National Insurance on all profits made during the tax year (6th April to 5th April the following year).

Your profits are made up of your income minus your expenses.

Being self employed is more straightforward to do than setting up your own limited company, but you as an individual are personally liable for everything in your business.

If you’re struggling to figure out your trading status, read our article.

Accountant for self employed
Accountants for Self Employed

What your Accountant for self employed can do for you

Starting a business can indeed be a complex and time-consuming endeavour, encompassing various critical aspects such as self-assessment deadlines, allowable expenses, and National Insurance contributions. At Jacksons Accountants, we recognise the challenges you may face, and we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support at every step of your entrepreneurial journey.

Take advantage of our offer for a free, no-obligation consultation, where our expert team of accountants will assess your unique needs and tailor our services to suit your requirements.

From the outset, we will take care of registering you with HMRC for self-assessment, ensuring you are set up correctly. Moreover, our team will provide invaluable advice to help you efficiently organise your records and fully grasp your tax obligations. By seeking early guidance from our experienced professionals, you can avoid potential costly errors in the future.

Whether you are a freelancer or self-employed, our dedicated accountant will be your trusted companion, offering continuous support and guidance as you navigate the intricacies of entrepreneurship. We understand the intricacies of working independently, and we are committed to empowering you with the knowledge and assistance needed to thrive in your business endeavours. With Jacksons Accountants as your reliable partner, you can confidently embark on your entrepreneurial journey, knowing you have expert support every step of the way.

Accounting software for self employed

For self-employed individuals, we offer a tailored approach to accounting solutions that perfectly aligns with your specific needs. Whether you require a comprehensive accounting software package or prefer basic spreadsheets to monitor transactions, we strike the right balance at a competitive price.

Every self-employed client is thoroughly assessed to understand their unique requirements, enabling us to create a personalised package that caters to your business’s demands. Embracing cloud-based systems, we ensure instant updates of financial information from both ends, providing you with a clearer picture of your company’s finances. You can choose to work with your existing systems, or we can seamlessly transfer you to new software for enhanced efficiency and ease. With our dedicated services, you can focus on your business with confidence, knowing your accounting needs are expertly managed.

Accounting software

Why choose us?

Self assessment

We can handle your annual sole trader self assessment.

We’ll make it simple and straightforward for you.

Jacksons Accountants will explain why we’re doing what we’re doing and advise you on what you can do to save even more money on taxes.

Bookkeeping for self employed

If you have a high volume of transactions and are having difficulty keeping track, you could benefit from our bookkeeping services. By doing this, you will benefit from your Accountant having a deeper understanding of your business and no receipt will missed.

VAT returns

You must register for VAT if your annual turnover exceeds £85,000 in any 12-month period.

In some cases, registering before this threshold is advantageous. Your Accountant for self employed will make sure you are in compliance, complete and file VAT returns on your behalf, and advise you on the best type of VAT scheme to use.

We will advise you on how and when to register, what products and services are subject to VAT, and any other questions you may have about your VAT registration.

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